Walt Disney

Walt Disney

Walt Disney is a name that appeals to people more visually than just a name. This talented American was an animator, film producer, director, voice actor, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. He is best known for his role in Walt Disney Productions which the rest of the world knows as just Disney.

We are going to reveal Walt Disney net worth, his personal and professional life along with a bit of his childhood history. To know some interesting information that might not know yet, please follow us to the end of the post. Let’s get started.

Early Life

He was born in Chicago on 5 December 1901. He was the fourth child of the couple Elias Disney and Flora Disney. They had four other children together. At a very early age, the whole family moved to Marceline, Missouri. Disney showed his talent in drawing at that early age.

He attended Benton Grammar School for the preliminary education where he met Walter Pfeiffer. Disney worked as a cartoonist for the school newspaper at McKinley High School. He was also taking night courses at the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts at that moment.

Professional Life

Walt Disney’s professional life is full of color. From his school life, he was familiar with the world of motion pictures. His first production was an animation called Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. But the most iconic creation of him to date is Mickey Mouse. This cartoon character has attracted almost all the people in the world for years and still counting.

His other works like Dumbo, Bambi, Pinocchio, Fantasia weren’t that much popular, so his company faced bankruptcy at that time. But he made his comeback with productions like Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, and Peter Pan which were the ultimate success. These all-time classics brought him a lot of name and fame.

  • Height, Weight and Other Measurements
  • Height
    1.78 m / 5’10”
  • Weight
    82 Kg / 181 lbs
  • Body Measurements
    Not Available
  • Eye Color
    blue eyes
  • Hair Color
Walt Disney Drawing
Walt Disney Drawing

Personal Life

Walt Disney got married to ink artist Lillian Bound in July 1925. This couple was happily married before Disney passed away in 1966. They together had two daughters. Disney has suffered from lung cancer and died a few days later his 65th birthday.

  • Full Name
    Walter Elias Disney
  • Date of Birth
    5 December 1901
  • Parents
  • Spouse
    Lillian Disney (m. 1925–1966)
  • Sibling
    Not Available
  • Children
    Diane Disney Miller, Sharon Mae Disney

Walt Disney Net Worth

Walt Disney was a versatile person who has got success in many careers. He has earned the most of his wealth as a producer and director. His screenwriting and animation were also world-class, from where he has earned a lot. He has not only earned but also run charity. Almost 45% of his total wealth is used to form a charity after his death.

  • Net Worth
    $1 Billion
  • Nationality
  • House
  • Cars
  • Marital Status
  • Income Source
    Film Producer, Animator, Director, Entrepreneur, Voice Actor, Screenwriter
  • Zodiac Sign
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Died
    December 15, 1966


  • The 2007 film, Meet the Robinsons pays tribute to Walt Disney. The film ends with a quote from Walt Disney himself: "Around here, however, we don't look backwards for very long. We keep moving forward, opening up new doors and doing new things, because we're curious... and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."
  • The phrase "keep moving forward" is constantly used during the film, in reference to the Walt Disney quote.
  • In the ABC television series Once Upon a Time, August Booth reveals to them that the fairy tale story book was created by a series of Authors, and names one past Author as "Walt". The implication that Disney himself is an Author is further proved in a flashback to 1966 when the Sorcerer's Apprentice approaches Isaac Heller and offers him the position of Author, citing that the previous Author had passed away; 1966 is the year the Disney passed away and his death date of December 15th was written on a letter from the Apprentice to Isaac.
  • Disney had very simple tastes in food. According to his daughter Diane, "He liked fried potatoes, hamburgers, western omelets, hotcakes, canned peas, hash, stew, roast beef sandwiches. He doesn't go for vegetables, but loves chicken livers or macaroni and cheese." Lillian Disney would complain, "Why should I plan a meal when all Disney really wants is a can of chili or a can of spaghetti?"
  • In 1940, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation recruited Disney as an Official Informant. He was later designated as a Special Agent in Charge contact. He testified against employees of his company that he took issue with, alleging them to be communists.
  • 'Uncle Walt' could be seen around 1950s Disneyland doing menial chores, like getting strollers for people, tinkering under the hood of a car on Main Street U.S.A., fishing in Rivers of America, or piloting the Mark Twain Riverboat.
  • One of the audio animatronics pirates on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride introduced in 1967 has Walt Disney's face. It was taken from the same life cast mold that was used in the "Partners" statue in Fantasyland in Disneyland.
  • According to Richard Sherman, Walt would ask him how his progress on a week was then ask him to play the song "Feed the Birds", his favorite song from Mary Poppins. After Walt passed away in 1966, Richard played the song frequently in his honor.
  • Tom Hanks portrayed Walt in the 2013 live-action film, Saving Mr. Banks. Tom Hanks is a Distant Cousin of Walt Disney, but this marks the first time that Walt is portrayed in Film.
  • Walt Disney had a cameo in the Mickey Mouse cartoon Tokyo Go.
  • A cameo also appears in "Ferdinand the Bull", wherein the bullring workers are based on Disney staffers, while the Matador is based on Walt.
  • Oswald's line in Epic Mickey ("I'm starting to see why he liked you more.") is a clear reference to Walt.
  • Howard Stark's appearance in Iron Man 2 is a reference to Walt Disney.

Walt Disney has made the childhood of most of us who are from the last decades of the previous century. We hope you are delighted to know Walt Disney net worth and other details.